Should I Decant My Wine?

Should I Decant My Wine?

You don’t need a fancy decanter to get the most out of a bottle of wine.

What does decanting do to wine?

Wine smell and taste can be improved from exposure to air, oxygen to be specific. According to Adam, when you decant a wine you let it breathe. And in doing so, the aromas come out. It opens up.

You get more out of your wine, says Adam.

Will it make a young wine taste better?

Young wines with high tannin can benefit from decanting for as little as three minutes. Wines with a little bottle age not only open up from the air exposure, but by decanting you can limit the sediment making it to your glass. A red wine stored in a cooler location can reach ideal drinkable temperature by decanting.

What type of decanter is best?

Decanters don’t need to be expensive crystal, the same effect on the wine can be achieved using a glass or ceramic jug (our favourite when travelling) or the winemaker’s go to – a flask!

If you are buying wine of a high quality, there is a good chance your wine will benefit from decanting, says Adam.

And for a secret trick of the trade…

Decant the wine in a jug, and pour it back into the bottle to serve. Voilà.

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