April News: Viognier Edition

April News: Viognier Edition

Autumn has arrived in the Grampians! The leaves have started to turn on the vines and our days are getting shorter and cooler.

Our Grampians Sangiovese Rosé is now in barrel, along with our Grampians Shiraz where it will now rest.

This month, we’re excited to share news about our 2022 SubRosa Grampians Viognier. It’s now available to you, before we release it to the wider public.

Our Viognier journey started in 2011. The grape caught Adam’s attention when he worked with it at the cult winery Araujo Estate, in the Napa Valley, USA. Upon returning home to the Grampians, he was determined to carry on the Viognier story, but the Australian way.

In 2015 we managed to get our hands on some great Viognier grapes from the Pyrenees. This vintage earned us a ‘Recommended’ by The Real Review. And 2017 was rated #2 in Victoria.

In 2018 we found some Viognier in the Grampians. This time The Real Review gave it a Top Ranking. The 2020 vintage was ranked #3 in Australia and 2021 ranked #6. (We didn’t make Viognier in 2019 due to poor fruit quality.)

And just announced, our 2022 Grampians Viognier is ranked #2 in Australia! We’re proud to be considered one of the best producers of Australian Viognier, consistently.

What’s to love about it?

Viognier is known to push even the best winemakers. I think this is why Adam likes working with it. He’s always up for a challenge!

I like its versatility with food. It pairs exceptionally well with seafood, especially scallops. Elevates the simple roast chicken. And it’s floral aromas match up to a Thai red curry like nothing else. When we show our Viognier to sommeliers in restaurants they are blown away by its versatility.

I love showing it at tasting events as it surprises and delights wine lovers. It’s rare to meet someone who doesn’t like it. If you want to try it in May, it will be available at a really fun event – the Grampians Grape Escape in Halls Gap, 3rd – 5th of May. But the catch is, you have to ask us for it (our secret tasting wine). Mention you read our April email and I’ll happily offer you a taste of our 2022 SubRosa Grampians Viognier.


Cheers, Nancy (and Adam)

PS. Our 2021 Grampians Viognier is almost sold out – get yourself some before it’s all gone! And read on for some Viognier pairing tips and to learn all about the wonders of Australian Viognier.

The Ultimate Guide to Australian Viognier

The Ultimate Guide to Australian Viognier

One of the great things about wine is there is always more to learn and discover! To share our love of Viognier we’ve created a guide to answer questions we’re frequently asked. Here’s a taste of the Guide with some fun facts on Viognier.

  • – Australia has only about 765 hectares of Viognier planted.
  • – Compare this to France at 8,823 hectares (the French clearly know something about this grape we don’t…).
  • – Typical flavour characteristics are ripe apricots, peaches and tropical fruits like mango. Great for those that don’t like a stick of butter or grass clippings in their wine glass.
  • – Viognier has a lower acidity than Chardonnay which is why it pairs so well with food.

If you’d like to learn more, check out the full article here – The Ultimate Guide to Australian Viognier.

Releasing 2022 SubRosa Viognier

Releasing 2022 SubRosa Viognier

The Real Review, 93 points.

Light straw-yellow colour. Apricot, turmeric spice and vanilla flower aromas. A full style: rich stone fruits are well balanced by a melange of exotic oak spices all bound by fine acidity and a brush of peach skin phenolics. Great length and all the power still focuses into a detailed finish. More to be enjoyed with food than alone.

Drink: 2024–2029

Of course #1 would have been great….but that went to a wine double in price and it’s all sold out anyway. That makes our wine the next best thing and great value!

Be aware, we don’t make Viognier every year. Only when the quality is to our standard. And given the recognition for the 2022 vintage, we expect this one will go fast. Get in before it’s gone…

Featured Restaurant – Kadota

Featured Restaurant – Kadota

This month we’d like to introduce you to Kadota Restaurant. It’s one of the best restaurants in Victoria, located in Daylesford. Owned by two amazing people, Risa and Aaron. They lovingly craft Japanese flavours using seasonal local ingredients. Their wine selection is thoughtfully curated to match their menu.

Kadota recommends pairing our SubRosa Viognier with the latest addition to their autumn menu, Steamed Murray Cod.

A Recipe for Mother’s Day

A Recipe for Mother’s Day

My mum’s favourite wine has always been our Viognier. I thought we would share one of her fabulous fish recipes for Mother’s Day.

Love you mum!

Whole Barramundi with a Butter Parsley Sauce

Layer slices of lemon in the cavity of the whole barramundi. Heat a large frying pan, drizzle in enough olive oil to cover the bottom. This Grampians olive oil is delicious! Lay the whole barramundi in the pan and keep heat at medium level. Slather butter on top of the fish. Pan fry until the flesh turns white. Flip the fish and slather on more butter on top. Continue pan frying until flesh turns white on this side too. Once done, season with salt & pepper and chopped parsley on top. Serve with greens in season and mashed potato. Here’s a tasty tip for a creamy mashed potato which is better than using butter… crack in a raw egg and quickly mash it up.

Pour a glass of Viognier and enjoy a moment with your mum this Mother’s Day.

nancy and mum in the vineyards in the grampians

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